Focbox flashing red

Master Focbox on Raptor 2 is flashing red and nothing happens when pushing throttle forward. No fault codes in bldc tool and both motor spin during motor detection. What could be wrong?

@blasto or @JohnnyMeduse might be the perfect guys to help troubleshoot this for you.

@KBONE please contact Enertion support!!

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Did you change any of the battery settings?

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No i only changed acceleration but have reset everything to default settings now, still makes no difference

In the ppm tab, you have “current no reverse with brake” ticked?

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No, it was on disabled. Odd as i’ve used the board after changing settings. Vesc still flashlng red, is it supposed to do that? But wheels spin when changing to current no reverse.

did you check your voltage cutoff minimums are correct for your battery pack?

Let me guess, you clicked “Load defaults” in the bldc tool…

And now -app configuration is probably set to No App -ppm tab probably is set to disabled, instead of “Current no reverse” -your motor detection is probably invalid

You need to reconfigure the VESC from scratch. Follow a VESC setup guide, as it sounds like nothing is wrong other then you loaded defaults thinking it would fix your messing with settings… lol


I know. @Blasto helped me fixing it. All good now :joy:


Hahaha glad is “alive”