Hey guys, I’m Philipp and I’ve been waiting to start building my own esk8. For that I needed good quality VESC’s and the Enertion FOCBOX’s sounded like a good choices. I was going to buy a few from Luis (Titoxd10001) but I saw that there was a BIG need for them in Europe so decided to buy them from enertion and take on the challenge to sell them myself. The order could be placed this week and I will have them both in Hawthorne and in EU. 2-4 weeks of processing and delivery time, hopefully I’ll be able to start sending them out in 2 weeks however it might take 4 weeks or longer. I’ve chosen these prices:

| 1 | $140 incl. shipping and PayPal fee | 2 | $260 incl. shipping and PP f. | 4 | $485 incl. shipping and PP f.

I’ll be sending it with FedEx Home Delivery (1-7 business days) in the US and EMS (6-10 days) in Europe.

I know I’m only a member here and you can not trust me bla bla bla, so ill just start taking in payments when I receive the FOCBOX’s

How many of you are interested both in EU and US?

  • I want 1 FOCBOX in the US
  • I want 2 FOCBOX’s in the US
  • I want 4 FOCBOX’s in the US
  • I want 1 FOCBOX in EU
  • I want 2 FOCBOX’s in EU
  • I want 4 FOCBOX’s in EU

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Thanks for the interest.

You need to be trust level 3 to organize group buys. @moderators

this is not just “bla bla bla” but here for a reason. Too much shit has already happened on here.


Thats why I said I’ll take in payments only after I receive the FOCBOX’s. I understand this is serious @Maxid, but if you see that I have them in hand and my PP is verified, what is the risk? Thanks!

If your sending from Europe, so i dont have to pay any more customs and VAT, then im up for 2 pcs :slight_smile:

Yeah, Ill most likely be sending from Switzerland)

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@BoostedBuilder group buys can only be offered by forum members with trust level 3.

It’s a sticky post in the group buy category. Pls understand - no disrespect meant for closing the post. We need to assure that folks setting up group buys are knowledgable and able to deliver a good experience for everyone, so this rule was put into place to protect the community. We’ve had a few GBs go badly and people have lost money!