FOCbox for sale- SOLD

Selling like new Focbox, asking $120 shipped. Shipping within US only- SOLD

fcbx1 fcbx2 fcbx3

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They are cheaper new from enertion right now.

right, but they are not shipping from US. Plus mine is including shipping and tax free

No offense, just pointing it out. $123 shipping included. Apparently shipping quickly. But granted, not US shipping… good luck on the sale.

I’ll accept any reasonable offers

So your asking price is like the item price at a Chinese bargain market?

If not then put up something reasonable yourself and stop wasting peoples time, nobody thinks $100 = $35- they just think its $12- off the retail price for a used item.

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It’s his FOCBOX, and his sale. He is not begging anyone to buy it from him. I don’t understand how he is wasting time here.


I guess I’m sorry (Got a lot on my mind now)

I just let my irritated mouth run free :confused:

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At least it’s not

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Not shipping that quickly, ordered mine last week no update on mine yet.

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