FOCBOX from Enertion, 2 new items, 95€ each

Hey guys. Was not here for years… Due to lack of time was never able to finish my Fliess4 project. Now it’s time to get rid of stuff, which I won’t probably use anymore. Among the things 2 Focboxes, which I acquired back then from Enertion. They are 100% working - tested. From my experience (I have 2 more on my Fliess3 DD), damn reliable, although I have never used them with anything higher than 320KV. Also, I never went beyond 10S. You can see the original ad here

I would probably not send 'em outside EU. At least not without giving enough time to sell here, 1-2 months. PayPal is ok.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

IMG_20210221_180500 IMG_20210221_180529


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Sold on the new forum.