FOCBOX Heat Sinking

I’ve started to see more heat sinking options for the FOCBOXs and wondered if it’s a gimmick or is there a real need to keep the FOCBOX vented? I understand that anything with power going to it will heat up, but would it heat up to a point where it could potentially fail?

I’ve got a single FOCBOX. I’ll be changing my enclosure soon and wondered if it’s something I should consider.

Cheers, Daniel

If you only pull 10a at 10s then no, there is not much point. However, with higher continuous currents such as 50a+, it can fry. So a Heatsink would be necessary for safe® operation.

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One of these bad boys will reduce heat

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@BoostedBuilder I’m only running a 15000mah Zippy LiPo setup at the moment but I’ll be looking to change to Li-ion batteries in the future. I wouldn’t need it right now, would I?

@banjaxxed I was looking at the 3DServisas ones. I’d probably go with the dual fitment one because then I can add the second FOCBOX in when I upgrade from single drive to dual.

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That’s actually quite a big capacity!! :rofl: It depends on your VESC settings. What are your battery amps?

I’ve completely forgotten my settings! I want to say the motor current max is 45a?

For my Lacroix, I did this: I hope it helps.

I thermal taped a big 1/4" aluminum stock to my enclosure (it is carbon so maybe it should pull some heat as well?) Then silickned the perimeter.

Then thermal taped my focboxes onto it.



We will see if it helps thermal throttling in this vicious Alabama heat.