Focbox issues or user error?

I purchased a bunch of Focboxes last year in case of an emergency, and well I couldnt get them to work a year later… I started using the new vesc tool and well they all failed motor detection. Im coming from a Mac and it was really annoying so i switched… all units stored in esd plastics and kept with my other gear. I have 2 working Focbox left, so I am really lost here…

video clips here

steps i followed were

1.) find working power,sensor,phase cables use them for every test.

2.)verify correct hw version and install corresponding f/w version from

3.) utilize wizard and setup correct battery max and motor values for 12s setup

4.) test sensorless first then proceed to test sensors.

i know these settings are not optimal I should still be able to motor dectect however

I was able to verify all my other gear was OK using different motors and cables so, I know my new battery build is not the issue nor is the cables… I have been working with Johnny on this issue, and have exhausted all my resources. Thanks for your time,

attempts to utilize enertion software result w/


i have an ST link, but its going to have to be rewired for focbox as i blv it was meant for TB speed controllers

I think you are confusing tools and versions.

If you are using the vesc_tool in your OP. you need to update the FW to 3.XX and make sure you select the fw for hardware 4.12

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im on 3.101 hw:48


i have been trying to utilize ESC Tool, as enertion tool doesnt like any version

You have the wrong HW type… thats why its not working. Focbox is 4.10_11_12

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I installed

C:\Program Files (x86)\BLDC Tool\Drivers\firmwares\hw_410_411_412

Thanks for your patience, It didnt yield any changes unfortunately

I’m gona keep an eye on this since I have 4 newer focboxes I’m gona install soon

Ya man, it’s always been easy for me… now I have zero confidence in what I’m doing lol… building battery was easier than this haha

Lol well software is a whole other ball game, I’m not familiar with programming but I’m okay at building things thanks to my Mechanic background.

@carl.1 any chance i could get a little guidance. all units boot up blue, and there haven’t been any faults…

seems you have the wrong hw. what you now need to do is get an st link and reflash it back to hw 412. Pain in the ass but a forum member might have a spare they can ship quickly

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i got the st link… focboxes still connect, blv i still got flash capabilities… ill try to get the pin configuration later tonight, looks like i need a female usb also… :thinking:

Use the vesc_tool, goto custom firmware tab, choose the default in the 412 folder. All can be done via usb

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seems like this is the only directory that matches that desription and grabbed 410&411&412

these came with the BLDC installer package.

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Yes that is the one


i was afraid you were going to say that, if thats the case then ive been using the correct f/w

I thought you said you’re on hw 48.

In that case, the vesctool might have overwritten the factory bootloader.

So try this: On vesc_tool -go to bootloader tab, load it -custom fw tab, load the 4_10-11-12 default fw manually (yes i know again)

ok givin it a go now i got a couple of units here the one i have loaded atm is 3.101 hw:48 so the ESC tool says… well shit now it wont connect anymore. windows still recognizes it tho

thanks for your help guys, I hit enertion up and they will inspect tomorrow… im hoping that even though I got some of them through a group buy that won’t disqualify me from any additional assistance. I should have bought the extended warranty. hopefully since they dont have any miles on them I might be able to get lucky… thanks @JohnnyMeduse and @Blasto for being patient with my dumbass.

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I hope they can fix that for you, Focboxes are not cheap 4 of them already cost way more than a complete budget board