FOCBOX motor phase cable came off - fault light but no faults in terminal

Has anyone had this issue on FOCBOX? Brand new FOCBOX and I believe it has shorted as it smells like burnt electronics smell.

It looks like DRV has blown but there are no faults reporting when I hook it up to the BLDC tool. THe green fault light is on the focbox though.

I’ve logged a support ticket and am waiting to hear what to do next.

I am having a terrible run on my first build. Two dud TB vescs and now this… I haven’t been more than 5km

Pictures of the FocBox. Closeup

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as in with the cover removed? what specifically the DRV chip?

Yes. Both sides

open focbox up and get as good of pic as you can of both sides of pcb. DRV is a microchip

upper left

could also be fets (6 on left lower)

Looks like its both, the fet in the middle which is the one that came off had some discolouration. The drv chip also looks like its busted.

this sucks, another long wait!!

@JohnnyMeduse looks like you have another customer.


its brand new… It’s a faulty product the manufacturer will have to replace under Australian consumer law.

The consumer law here is very favourable for the consumer, I paid for platinum warranty for this even though I didn’t really need to so I will be covered either way!

Good to hear

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still frustrating, thats 3/4 vescs i have had issues with.

its been a 5 month build because of this crap haha, sounds like thats not uncommon.

Anyway thanks for verifying, hopefully enertion just send me one out while I send this back

you should still take screen shots of your settings and post em here… 3 out of 4 would be absolute terrible luck, gotta be something in your settings.

good pull on the platinum warranty

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I triple checked. the cable literally came off the board on the focbox this time so it wasn’t config.

The other 2 were tb vescs, one overheated and the other was running fine until I increased battery max then it blew drv. I’ve just got to send them back for a refund.

I’ve had the settings confirmed already on the TB vescs, I will post my settings before applying once I get this one replaced and everything wired up again.

i’m guessing the reason the wire came off in the first place was do to overheating. and we should find out what that reason is…

but ya when ever you get the chance to post them (without changing em as they are now)

I have the read out from hm-10 module let me check temp

Max temp 62 celcius

That’s not very hot


190kv 10s3p (30q) dual 6374

BLDC (ran detection unloaded) motor max 70 motor min -40 bat max 25 bat min -8

temp and voltage cutoff default PPM and UART slave was set to send status over can and both were set to multiple esc over canbus -60k/60k erpm

I’ve read and reread the settings after the TB vescs blew just to make sure it wasn’t my fault. The bat max and min are slightly more than what the cells are rated continous but from what i’ve read about the 30q cells the settings are acceptable

That kind of true… but not in a way that everyone think… Have you ever wonder why you can’t really give warranties when people are changing their connector? Because if you heat up too much the the connector you are trying to solder, the heat will transer of the existing solder on the other end of the cable, and if your not careful enough it migh creates a cold solder joint… So the question here is : Did you change your bullet connector?

Nope… I made adapters because I didn’t want to void the warranty!

Then contact Enertion support… (on their website)