Focbox no lights, and not working after plugging in with small spark

The remote receiver still has power though, what might be the problem?

show pics of the board

Open it up and post a picture of both sides of the board, it only has 3 Allen bolts


Single drive?

dual, both not turning on

Burn mark on the diode, did you plug it in reverse polarity

are they connected with canbus?

Have you tried connecting both FOCBOXes separately to PC and re-flashed them?


10cha r

i don’t know, I plugged it in after reflash it proper firmware and it wouldn’t turn on

Yes I have

My friend you are in the best hands with @CarlCollins

@12meterkuk Download and install team viewer on your MAC/Windows PC, Let me check both of your FOCBOXes

Okay, let’s do that tomorrow. I’m not home today

Sure thing

If you ran canbus and 5v working and blue led not it’s probably can bus ic died.

Did you plugged only one focbox power while they were canbus connected?

I can’t remember if that was the case, what I remember is after flashing firmware and I restarted the board the Fox boxes wouldn’t turn on

Check this capacitor, if it is short… most likely the can transceiver is dead, so the 3,3v (NOT the 5v, that why your receiver is still powering up)

Looks like I’ve found the right thread, as i’m having the exact same issue! i’ve tested the c25 capacitor and my multimeter does start beeping (indicating a short?). I too had a small spark inside my XT60 when plugging the FOCBOX to my battery, however all leads seem to be wired correctly and its a 42V 18650 battery pack that is at the correct voltage. When i plug my battery in i get 5v out of all 5v pins but no lights and nothing out of the 3.3v pin. Is there anything i can do to fix this, and can anyone suggest how this occurred in the first place? here are some photos of my setup…

IMG_6764 IMG_3067 IMG_7295

Thanks for your time

PS. Its a Dual Motor setup