FOCBOX not working - Red led not blinking at start

I tell you what happened just before the breakdown of the VESC and then I give you more data.

Goin up an slope, the engine pulley has been released, I have back home very slow to avoid mechanical problems, and halfway, master vesc has stopped working, the one that move the motor that failed.

Reset, and the red light did not blink 3 times when starting. Blue and green lights stay on. Receive signal from the remote control

No message in the fault code.

I have changed the vesc and motor, and this moves correctly. I have tried to reinstall firmware. The master vesc does not detect the motor, the slave vesc does. The master vesc does not move any motor.

Left one is master (failed)

Some help?

Mostl likely the DRV or one of the mosfet is blown.

Should not send an error in that case?

Drv usually issues fault code (is it at all possible it wouldn’t if damaged?) Do fets even issue fault codes? I’m not helping much here but am also curious

No necessarily, It always depend on how the DRV as blown.

If you want to double check you can make sure those resistor are at 39kohms

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I had the same problem. No fault. Visual inspection turned up a bubble on Vesc. Sent it into DRVWizard who confirmed it was DRV failure and did chip replacement. Bought it back flashed it with Ackmanic’s fw and been happy ever since.

Yes they can be mesure mounted

These are the measures

R30: 39.0 R36 39.0 R46(16?); 9.8 R 29: 5.0 R 35: 5.0 R 43: 5.0

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As you can see from the picture above R46 is suppose to be 39Kohms, so the low impedance could be cause by the mosfet, the DRV or the resistor. But I can tell from experience, It is alway the DRV.

Funny thing I’ve just made a video about that problem yesterday, I should upload it this weekend


Thank you @JohnnyMeduse What are the options in Europe to repair this problem?

I think @fottaz does repairs?


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yeah I can repair Drv, thank you for the tag Johnny!

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Hi My Foc Unity today is giving me a full red led. I cannot connect via the app or via the vesc tool on pc. Any ideas on what the hell is going on. I haven’t even ridden the board I just plugged it to check some settings over. its only 4 months old :sleepy: