Focbox single vs fesc 6.6 mini

As in the title idk whether to go with dual focbox or a flipsky mini 6.6? It will be in a dual 6374 85a peak, evolve AT and street setup, 12s4p 30q 80a peak. I got an offer for 2 focboxs for 200€ and the flipsky vesc Mini 6.6 costs also around 200€, which one should I go for?

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@amms50 The mini is really limited in it’s output capabilities. Considering you are planning to run 6374s, that’s the equivalent of trying to fill a kiddie pool with a drinking straw compared to a garden hose. The mini is really designed for stealthy or low-power builds or maybe 4wd with low power motors.

What do u mean by limited by its output? Hell this thing can provide 100a continuous and 400a peak PER MOTOR and double that for both motors or am I understanding something wrong? Maybe the heat distribution is bad but I’ll be sticking out the metal part out of the Enclosure so it will have a good airflow

So the original full size Vesc6 is 80A continuous and the mini version of flipsky’s clone is 100A? Interesting…

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Sorry, I was thinking of the other mini vesc I ran across the other day. Much smaller and more limited than the flipsky version.

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Yea but the question is if all their vesc6 are just fake? I mean in a real life situation I am only gonna use 50a continuous and about 80a Max but if u think about it if u use 50a from the 100a that is there to use then the vesc will be much more comfortable instead of using 50a from the 60a that’s available from the focbox am I right?

Whether the flipsky vesc will be ok in your application, I don’t know. What I do know is:

a) Their vescs are clones (not necessarily a bad thing)

b) Their current ratings are exagerated and nowhere near the truth.


I should be receiving my fs mini this week.
Im running dual 6374 and 12s4p 30q pack also along with 6" pneumatic tires. I’ll report back once it’s installed


Go with the focbox. Its a tried and tested vesc. I have a pair running the same battery and they are rock solid. Go with the established components or you run the risk of being an unwitting crash test dummie/beta tester.

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Perfect just like mine :ok_hand:t2: :heart_eyes: what gear ratio are u running?

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And will the focbox be ok (comfortable) if I am using 50-55a of the useable 60a constant?

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Focbox specs are reliable I’m pretty sure.

Just make sure they stay cool.

You only use peak currents when accelerating fast or going uphill for the most part so if you are careful with how you treat it it should be fine at those current settings.

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You will only be drawing up to 40 amps continuous on each focbox. Battery can’t provide any more than that. It will be fine. Mine runs 80 amp battery max /2 and 100 amp motor max. I live in Australia in the sub tropics and they never get too hot no mater where I ride.

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Im chain drive. 9/35 or 10/35 depending on top speed needs

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