Focbox stuck w 3.26 firmware

hi i have the vest 6 and was really eager so decided upgrading the firmware on my focbox’s to version 3.26… now the fw is 3.28+ and they will only connect LIMITED. so i can’t really read or write new commands… i tried the diff options on the firmware tab in vesc tool, custom, bootlegger etc… with no luck… i ended up having to resort to asking for help… which i hate doing! lol

also, does someone have a raptor 2 settings tool for fw 2.80? i have been using my friends android device via bt but want to get into the meat of it.

thx. bryan

Use latest version of vesc-tool…

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Stick with 3.26 for now on your foc boxs. 3.38 has the R=0 error and is unusable on the fic box. 3.29 might be better but I havent tried it yet.

To upgraded, just download the newest VESC tool, then when it gives you the limited connection message go into the firmware tab and flash the new FW.

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