Focbox temp fault

Using ackmaniac bldc tool version 3.103 and motor won’t run due to a temp fault read by the focbox although the motor is cold. What should I do, do I need to downgrade the version? @barajabali, @CarlCollins

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Bump? 10jasons

might be your temp sensor is broken. try to set up your motor without sensors and look if the fault still there. if no and you want to use your sensors non the less, just disconnect the temp sensor wire form the jst plug which goes to the focbox.

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It stays after I take the motor off, it was working fine a few days ago. Also vesc tool says the firmware is too old but it’s 3.103

check real time data. what is the value of the temp? If it´s a fault you can´t reset, try to flash the same FW once again and hope it delete the fault.

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It’s at 400° Celsius

Reuploaded firmware multiple times with no luck

just to get it right, it says 400 with and without sensor cable plugged?

plugged in and not plugged in. When motor is plugged in, motor does not heat at all

I’m running it in bldc at the moment as I don’t want to run sensored for the time being

looks like there is something signal on your input port than. Unfortunately I have no idea how to check that or eliminate that. Make sure all plins are clean (both sides of the pcb), maybe upload a not ack FW just as last try.

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I tried with the bengiman vesc tool and no luck and as well as the enertion bldc tool

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Maybe I uploaded the wrong firmware?

you can easily check that in the firmware section.

I did, on one tool it says up to date, then the other says the firmware is old, like wtf

no, go in the firmware section and look in the down left corner. there should be written which firmware is loaded. make sure it´s the one for HW4.12 and not 4.80

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@Bobby tested it and it was running fine until I got it

Will do tommarow, thanks! Gotta crash, it’s 11:00 over here

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good luck! hope all work out well.

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Can you show me where the 4.12 is, I can’t find it when I go to the firmware