FOCBOX Tenka motor controller

Does anyone have more information on this?


@onloop it’s my understanding this is a lower cost motor controller compared to the unity. Do you have any pics of what’s under the potting and what components differ between the Tanka and the Unity? might be interested in super single in their efoil builds if it proves to be reliable.

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Details just popped up on their website. It’s listed for sale. Was very intrigued until I found out shipping was going to be 70USD.

Shipping won’t be $70, it will be $28 for global shipping to most countries.

I have just set it high so people don’t order yet. Its still about 2 weeks away from Shipping

Please keep me in the loop. Would like to grab one as soon as its out.

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I found another video

It looks like at 120A motor current, Tenka reaches 80°C after 157s and Unity reaches 80°C after 173s


I just ordered one of these to try it out, shipping was $28 to AU, the only thing I noticed was it said bluetooth optional I think I probably might need to order the bluetooth module as well because I saw that after I ordered it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @Bobdagoon

BT not required, can use a computer to program.

Most people don’t tend to play with the configurations once you have got it setup & working.


Is it live yet? Any reviews?

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I just now realized that image isn’t just the logo, it’s an actual ESC.