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Focbox is not a Enertion brand?


Did you change the Texas IC in the new Focbox Unity or is it still the same that will fail after som time?


Is the raptor discount store down or something? I keep getting a failure and was just about to buy one…:disappointed:

That other store is closed now, I have taken over and set up a new store for focbox unity.

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I’m very confused here Jason.

I have three focbox unities sitting here right now. Everyone of then has enertion labeling on the box

You were specifically asked about your involvement with that factory months ago and said that you had absolutely no involvement. You were identified to be using your myshopify account, which again you denied. I specifically spoke with you about this here. You presented this information wildly different.

You have never once before this mentioned a separation in the ownership of focbox and enertion.

Let me remind you, dozens of those “fundraising preorders” never received an order while you were funding this this way.

You’ve completely mischaracterized the other forum. RideNeo came to them, wanting to develop esk8 products and get feedback. That community got scammed by RideNeo. We were not encouraging a rip off of the Focbox. You had made it very clear that the focbox was dead and had zero support. So everyone though RideNeo was reviving a reliable vesc architecture.

This video simply confirms that every single thing you said in response to the unities and the enertion raptor store over the last 8-12 months was a flat out lie.

Something changed, either you bought the trademarking and rights to that property or you’re in the clear for some reason I’m not devastated by any means that the fuck box unity is going to stick around and be more affordable than it was when you were actually in charge. But what you’ve described in this video fully and wholly confirms that you have not told the truth for months on this issue. Which we know has been incredibly controversial since it’s development… Add a enertion

You’re trying to rewrite history and act like there was zero justification for the people who were upset with you.


This smells like an attempt to rebrand and pretend the past didn’t happen. And youre specifically talking shit on people in this video we know you sent cease and desist letters. Pot, kettle

You have flat out argued with dozens of people here that you have zero involvement with all of the things you’ve been working on. Myself included

This is BS Jason. You could have accomplished the exact same thing with some honesty and still relaunched this product. You continue to choose the low road and weasel around. This time, trying to rewrite the history and context of everything that was before

I asked you questioned about that store point-blank and apparently you lied directly to me. Please help me understand that

I mean come on, every item in your store has enertion badging on it.

Its one thing if the legislation where you live/enertion was/ whatever, has stopped the liquidation process and given you access to these assets, but this feels very shady. You flat out denied involvement before and now suddenly its your shop. I purchased several unities from the enertion raptor shop like many others. This is something very different now.

Based on the pricing and shipping costs, these look like theyre shipping from the exact same place, the factory in china. Which means youve simply gone from “recouping their losses” using your shopify account despite having ZERO involvement with them, to now changing the website and calling this something new. So what, your legislation cant or isnt aware of these assets from the former company that youre selling from china? Look if its okay, or its a loophole then fine. But this seems like you got contacted by the manufacture that there was left over inventory. It wasnt reported in the assets list when enertion went under. Youre now selling it internationally because they cant nab you on it or you hope they dont.

Youve played this whole, “I’ve been honest” thing for months. But you have really contradicted discussions that you and I had directly.

Im glad the unity is still around and Id like to see it stay available. But just like before I ordered from the Raptor Shop, I want to understand who im getting in business with and whether or not that business is ethical and legal


@wwohl602 you seem like a very passionate, very angry & VERY misinformed guy.


Happy to have a call with you and go over this so you can better understand how trademarks & voluntary liquidations work.

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I agree that this seems bizarre and maybe that’s just because there is some information that has been left out. @onloop owns the trademark for the FOCBOX, but who owns/owned the other IP? Surely Enertion paid for the development and owned the IP (design and manufacturing files, code etc). So when Enertion went into liquidation did Jason buy that IP from the liquidator? Am I right here @onloop?

The source files where destroyed by the engineers on the request of their new employer.

What other IP is there?

Yeah I saw you say that, very unfortunate. The IP is the manufacturing files (gerbers), test documentation, test fixtures (if they exist), silicone injection molds, CAD for the heatsink, compiled firmware, instruction manuals etc. There is a bunch of stuff that goes along with the FOCBOX and I am just curious as to who owns all that stuff and how/if the ownership was transferred.

I own 4 Unitys BTW, very happy with them.

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  • Tangible assets remain the property of the company & are located somewhere in China.
  • The firmware is open source.
  • Intangible assets, such as the trademarks are not the property of the company.

Still doesn’t answer the key question about the ownership of the PCB manufacturing files, the gerbers and BOM, which are the most important part of this question. It sounds like you have a copy, but surely they are owned by the company Enertion.

I don’t think the gerbers are open source or are they? Gerbers are normally covered by copyright, have they been transferred to you?

Great for everyone that the firmware is open source.

Some great questions alex,

if your interested in buying the assets you should follow up with an ip lawyer to get more information.

Or alternatively, perhaps the liquidator can assist with questions.

Well that’s a slightly disappointing response. I have to make assumptions because you seem to be dodging.

I assume this means you don’t own the manufacturing IP for the FOCBOX, even if you do own the trademark. I assume Enertion paid for the development of the electronics and so the IP that is not open source is owned by Enertion. I think this IP has the potential to be quite valuable to the liquidator and anyone who purchases it, though its value it diminished by the fact that PCBs are being manufactured in China but apparently not by the entity that owns the IP.

This pretty much sums up the entire Chinese manufacturing industry, no?

Alex, the fact that another company took all the valuable IP and just started making stuff with it is shit. I agree 100%

In all fairness, here’s another take on this situation. I hope Jason allows this to remain here in good faith:


Nice video!

The great debate begins.

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