Focbox | The untold story

Can you make a video that includes the part of the story where the FOCBOX UNITY was available on amazon prime but there was no way to get the one you ordered from “Enertion Boards”

Still confused about how that was cool with ya!

Good luck with the investment in the new new fulfillment system, hope you don’t get a ton of chargebacks…

Any hints on what Esk8 brands were thinking of working with um. you?

Doesn’t really need a video, I can explain in one sentence.

it’s the same way that there where focbox unity inside bioboards, kaly boards & lacroix boards. they ordered them in bulk.

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I’m neither angry nor misinformed.

Do I really need to go pull quotes from the old thread (if it exists). You flat out denied this. I asked you directly about this and you told me and this entire community you had zero involvement. Denied the Shopify involvement, made up stories about you just running their site blah blah.

Am I passionate about this nonsense, no. Do I try my best to buy from ethical and trustworthy vendors, yes. I have neither the time nor the interest to listen to the spin game on this over a call.

Again, honesty from the get go would’ve gotten you less drama. Besides, if you own the rights to the focbox and that’s totally separate from enertion, how do you justify selling dozens of raptor parts?

It’s covered pretty well in the second video. And that perspective aligns much better with revents of eality than your story does


& Another take on the situation… I’ve got more to add too… but only if you want it…

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So now the focbox is enertion property?

Which is it? Yours or enertions

Enertion Boards Pty Ltd Contracted & Paid Jeff Frisen to develop the PCB/firmware required to make a functional product. The design files, the source code, anything related to the creation of this product, called the “Intelectual Property” is the rightful property of Enertion Boards Pty Ltd, which is now in liquidation, the rightful beneficiaries are now the creditors.

Jeff Friesen signed a contract saying that he understands that his work for enertion boards is the property of enertion boards & that he would be required to hand over the related IP. He also confirms this in his resignation letter. He never handed over the files.

This video is showing that the IP fell into the hands of Lacroix, Lacroix owner is the same person who advised Jeff to delete all the files.

The “marks” Focbox & Enertion in united states are the property of Jason Potter.

Do you plan on ever selling the single Focbox again? I’m sure lots of people will buy them, including myself.

Yes. They will become available again.