FocBox Unity, 10S1P Samsung 40T, Direct Drive

I am a totally new guy to this and I just got my first built. I saw some people here not really loving MBoards - unfortunately, I didn’t know there may be an issue and I got all my parts from them. Everything’s working fine so far, hoping it will last.

I am using FocBox Unity, 10S1P Samsung 40T battery, and the direct drive kit from them (not much info on either of the parts on their website).

The motors spec on their website:

  • Max Power: 4000W (2000W Each Motor)
  • Max Amps: 55A
  • KV Rating: 72
  • Max Voltage: 12s
  • Motor Diameter: 70mm

Battery specs on their website:

  • Nominal Voltage: 36v
  • Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Power: 144Wh
  • Cells: Samsung 40T
  • Max Discharge: 30a

Can you please help me set correct numbers in the vesc tool? Right now my settings are:

  • Motor Current Max 30.39A
  • Battery Current Max 15A
  • Battery Current Max Regen -2A
  • Battery Voltage Cutoff Start 34V
  • Battery Voltage Cutoff End 31V
  • Max ERPM 80,000
  • Max ERPM Reverse -80,000

Much love to anyone who can give me some advice :raised_hands:


I thikn we got a contender for BOTY on this forum guys!

So reading many many posts I understand having a 1P battery is a mistake and that’s why the breaks are so weak. I bumped the Motor Current Max to 55A and Motor Current Max Brake to -55A because they should handle it, right?

Also, I bumped the Battery Current Max Regen to -10A per motor (vesc). It’s not perfect but at least going from non-existing breaks to some breaks. I was watching the “I Battery” on my Android Vesc tool and while braking from approx. 30km/h the value didn’t go much pass -4A (max -5A for a split second) so I hope that’s still ok for that 1P battery. What do you think? Can I go even higher?

But still any advice on the settings is appreciated.

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