FOCBOX Unity/6374 or 6384S/Trampa35°LongMTB/V6.2 motor mount by Idea/12S 4p or 5p li-on = Good combo?

Hi I have been doin some research and I came up with this setup:

About the motors, would better go for the one from Alien but I’ve heard there were some quality issues and so this questions the choice and makes me go back to the 6374 from hobbyking. Or could go for 6384S from Alien, take it apart and glue whatever typically comes loose.

So what do you think about it guys? Any better recommendations? Thanks!


I would go with sk8 motors from hobby king. I battle harden my 6384 motors after two of them had broken magnets. I‘ll have a look on the weekend how they perform and if it really helps to add extra epoxy to the magnets.

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Ok changed to SK8 as you and others suggested.

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Can you post your diagram here … i want to see your wiring,if your going to put fuse and loopkey :smiley:

You’re asking about the battery pack?

Yes and how your going to connect it in your vesc

Okay no problem