Focbox Unity + Backfire Ranger X1

So I think my Backfire Ranger is really slow. Average speed is 17-18 mph. My other boards ride around 22-24 mph. Was thinking of taking my new Unity and replacing the Ranger ESC. Do you think increasing the amps would gain me any speed?

probably not, as the battery voltage and your motors (gearing) are the main factors which limit your speed. if i remember right those are hub motors, so no way to change the gearing. if you change the esc to a unity, you could maybe gain some torque with the right settings, but if your batteryand motors already on the limit with the stock esc, than even not that

You may see performance in speed but it may not be much. You will find other upgrades such as acceleration curve and braking I’m sure.

For more speed, you should change the battery!

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Like from 10S to 12S!?

Yes! Upgrade the battery and add a Unity. You’ll be competing with some builds you see here then :slight_smile:

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Ok cool. I am trying to get a 12S4P built.


Did you ever end up doing this? And if so, how did it go?

I did. Not good. The Unity made the skateboard slower on the top end. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not, but it wasn’t what I intended. It did make the acceleration faster but that was never a concern of mine. I probably just have the settings wrong.

But it also sucks not having battery status either (Nano X doesn’t have a read out) and the Ranger doesn’t have a display. I own an iPhone, so I can’t use an app to my knowledge.


I should add I never got the 12S4P battery pack put in, it’s still the stock Ranger battery. Max speed dropped only a couple mph. But my goal was to go up so I’ll feed it more volts!