FOCbox unity can bus

Can the FOCbox unity be used with FOCbox singles over can bus?

Mixing vesc hw isn’t really recommend I forgot the reasoning.

The single MCU could be an issue, but Hardware wise they are all V4. I would give it 80% succes rate

The plan is a 3 hub motor build, unity for 2 motors and then can bus to a FOCbox 1.7. I would plan to use the same firmware and set them up before connecting can bus.

From my understanding, can bus just sends over duty cycle info, so it should work over different hardware

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Can bus doesn’t give any shit about what hardware. It’s plain communication and whatever components need info, need configuration to pull it out of the CAN-stream


Mixing firmware versions is a lot worse. I’d use the same firmware version on all ESCs on the CANBUS. I would not deviate from that at all.

I’ve mixed different hardware versions, it works totally fine, but I haven’t ever tried mixing a single-MCU dual VESC (like Unity) and a single VESC on the same CANBUS. In theory I’m not aware of a reason it wouldn’t work.


Moral of the story, have them all on the same firmware and It should be a breeze.