Focbox unity does not turn on

Hey guys,

It‘s my second build and i don‘t know what’s wrong (I’m not really a tech guy but learned a lot since I’m building my boards.)

I connected and soldered everything as needed on my board and wanted to connect but my unity does not turn on. Even my second unity i own from my other board does not turn on but did in the other board hours ago.

Setup: Maytech 6374 motor , Adapter to smaller wire (between motorwire and unity),12s5p battery 30q - voltage ok, checked it with multimeter , original power button (checked a second one , same issue )

Do you guys have any idea why the unity does not turn on? Added two pictures (the one with the board without finished soldering ) Lights in the unity light up when turning the wheels.

Thank you so much.

Difficult to see whats going on in there.

Did it work ever? Before putting it all together did you confirm it was functional?

With the first one I don’t know but the second one should.

I also thought that maybe the power button is now ok but I had a new one laying around and this one did not work either.

I mean a unity is so simple but don‘t know what to do anymore.

Take the orange silicone cover off and take a close picture of the components near where the power input wires are connected to the circuit board.

Is that box metal?

Soooo , when i connect power to the Battery (charger) then the focbox starts so it‘s probably a broken bms. Whatever why right? Strange is that it charges and that I have Current on the cable.

Maybe you guys could help me with that, on the left upper corner is a temperature sensor , is that correct that this one is connected?

12s bestech bms

Who build this battery? You? If so What wiring instructions did you follow?

A friend of mine did it. I ordered the bms and so he did as he thought it should be probably.