Focbox Unity Hardware^H^H^H Firmware Issue

I’m having trouble setting up my motors to work with a FOCBOX Unity. I first noticed that it’s unable to detect the flux linkage on the #1 motor. I swapped motors/hall sensors and the problem moved to the other side, making me think it’s the controller.

When I run the RT graph and hand spin the motors, I’m getting the output in the attached image. The light red is the good motor, the dark red is the one that won’t do the flux linkage detection.

This makes me think that maybe one of the phase current sensors is bad. Trying to set it up as sensorless didn’t help so I’m thinking it’s probably not an issue with the hall sensor circuit.

Any advice on fixing this? I suppose I could use this on a ebike build but I’d really like both motors to work.

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Which side isn’t working? The side by the USB port or the other side?

The USB port side.

I took things apart a bit and did more digging. I’m able to run the thing at 3A and measure 3mV at the shunts and the DRV8301/3 input pins. The output pin values also look reasonable (~1.7V).

I’d love to be able to trace the signals back to the MCU but I wasn’t able to figure out the physical pins that the current sense lines are connected to.

I also tried cleaning a bunch of crud off the MCU pins where someone not especially carefully slapped on the adhesive pad for the BT module, but that didn’t seem to help.

I don’t see any obvious solder bridges or bad solder joints but it would help if I knew where to look.

I sent a support request to Massive Stator, but who knows if that’ll help.

I just tried a second FOCBOX Unity with the R-Spec motors and I’m getting the exact same weird waveform on the USB-side motor. I’m beginning to think it’s a firmware bug.

Would it make sense to flash one of them with standard VESC firmware instead of the Enertion fork?

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Great news, it would most likely work in a Super Single configuration running one motor. If the non-USB-port-side was the wonky one, it probably wouldn’t.

I uploaded the VESC 5 firmware only to realize that dual motor support is a v6 and later feature. But upon reinstalling the 23.46 Unity firmware the problems resolved themselves.

I’m guessing whatever version was on there (the FOCBOX UI reported 23.46) had an error where it was maybe looking for a third shunt that doesn’t exist on the #2 motor.