Focbox Unity Instant Replacement Warranty

Anybody had to use their warranty before? I’m attempting to now (see the attached image for why) and have been waiting nearly 5 days for a response…


Basically last Friday I was out on a group ride, doing 35km/hr, then as I accelerated to 40km/hr the brakes locked and threw me off. Some concussion, whiplash, a twisted ankle, and a few scrapes later, I pulled the Unity out of my board to see this had happened. Before seeing this I unplugged the XT60 connector and plugged it back in, had power for a moment, even connected my remote. After attempting to accelerate, there was a clicking/shorting sound and it died.


Hello Aaron,

What is your case number? Sorry it took so long to get to you, your case must have slipped through. Sorry!

Couldn’t say as all I got was an automated 24-48 hours message. My order number for the Unity itself was #24548 though if that helps.

Ah yes, I found it. It slipped through as the case fields were not filled in when you created a case. So the case could not be escalated properly! Sorry about that. I’ll go ahead and message you on the case!


Ah sorry about that, I just went through the email listed online so never saw any of that, thank you!

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My pleasure, just sent you an email!

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Glad you are OK. Why did the brakes lock automatically? That seems too dangerous.

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Not sure, the black cable sleeve from the Unity to the XT60 connector split and the exposed cabling got in contact with the carbon fibre my enclosure is made of so I guess it shorted and that was the result for some reason. Definitely feeling lucky, pretty minor issues overall. Last time I came off my board I was doing like 5km/hr, snagged the wheel on a curb, fell off and fractured a finger. The time off work wasn’t ideal, at least it’s looking like only one week off this time.

That side cable out put was raised early on as a potency issue but was stated by entron you can fold the cable 90 no issues. iv seen it on the forum before as badly soldered on and broke at the solder joint. Did the same happen again?

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Not sure exactly what happened, but it was on a 90 like you said. I hadn’t seen any signs of wear over the time it was used though. Looks like the inner cabling could’ve burst through the sleeve and it’s completely disconnected from the Unity.

Yeah I always felt like the cable coming out the side was a pretty dumb design decision given the dimensions of longboards and the fact that you’ll want the motor cables coming out the back, leaving the logical place for other wires being the front.

Who knows. Bent cables it is.

Glad it’s not worse @ajplant96 hope you feel well soon.


The irony is I don’t mined the cable on the side I just wished that thort of the strain that cable and solder joint will be under on the vast majority of builds angled the cable towards the bottom (away from the motor cables) and strain relief.

Ideally I wish it was a XT90 flat agains the side towards the motor cables but plug pins facing the bottom so when you plug in the Female XT90 it sit flat agains the side saving space and reducing strain. The with Is not a issue as it’s fare shorter than 2 18650 cells sideways so most builds it’s dead space we just ram cables down the side. image

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40km/h wheel lock and desoldering power plugs? So happy I just threw mine into the “useless things” trash can after a wheel lock at 55km/h…

I also had to resolder every phase connection and power connection to the Unity because they barely held on by a hair, so desoldering doesn’t sound out of fantasy league.

Heal fast, buy a better VESC and never look back.

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What would you recommend as an alternative? Been considering trying something different for my next build as the Unity is just getting too expensive for me with taxes, etc despite the founder of the company being Australian…

I’m thinking 2* VESC6+ for a over power built next just bite the built and pay for quality.

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