FocBox Unity Issues

Hello, I am having several problems with my Focbox Unity that I recently purchased. After downloading" the FOCBOX UI application on GitHub, I connected my FocBox Unity to my computer, it shows that it is connected. So I started the configuration of the battery and motors parts, when I try to press the Apply Uptated Config, it appears in clear but never comes back in dark. (I put a picture to illustrate). I updated, the FocBox Unity, I changed ports of connection and I took another computer but in spite of all that. Nothing nor made, I tried to make this configuration by Bluetooth but when I try to connect the phone to the FocBox Unity this one refuses to connect (I tried with two Huawei phones). Here is my problem, if someone has a solution, I’m interested

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Click “read current config” first, then make your changes, then click apply config.

Or, use the guided setup, that might be more intuitive.

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Thank you, for your advice, unfortunately, when I try the two ways you advise me, it doesn’t change anything, it still doesn’t want to send the information

Any luck this far?