FOCBOX UNITY Momentary Switch


I am looking for some advice on re-establishing the momentary power switch pre-built into the FOCBOX unity. I don’t have the momentary switch for the FOCBOX Unity and don’t want to pay $30 for a new one so I am looking to make a switch like the one pictured below:

My thought process so far is to buy a new JST connector for the “SWITCH” portion of the FOCBOX diagram and then buy a new momentary switch elsewhere and solder it all together.

Here is a picture of the “CONNECTION DIAGRAM”:

I am thinking of buying a new momentary switch on AliExpress like this one, but which one should I order?

TLDR: What size voltage switch do I need for a new momentary switch on the focbox unity? ie 42V, 24V, 12V, 5V?


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Jump the mom pins and put a loopkey in. :wink:

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haha yeahh… I already did that to the momentary pins, and then I threw away the momentary switch but now I’m switching back to a design where I want the momentary switch for the auto shut off feature. I won’t have auto shut off with a loopkey :confused:

I have a unity button and don’t have a unity no more