100% the hall sensors. You either…

  • don’t have them
  • didn’t turn them on
  • didn’t do detection for them

So if I use the Standard setup guide in the standard tool It automatically will run it in foc. if I want it in bldc I need to use the advance setup tool?.

Trying to update the unity on my phone and it it states im using old firmware, i try to update it and my Unity turns off around 80% and have to start it again. done it like 5 times… patience is starting to wear thin…

Use your PC or Mac

i only have a mac, could some one link me to download for mac?


are your fingers broken?


Sometimes asking gets you a quicker resolution :slight_smile:

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Mine did that. Mine was because the unity was timing out and shutting off. The next time i tried it, i spun the wheels every so often to send a charge to the unity so it wouldnt time out. It worked. Not sure if i got lucky or it actually worked, but worth a try.

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Afaik the Unity does not support BLDC, only FOC.

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Okay fixed it for bypass discharge. Not sure how it was able to handle the amps though before.


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Looks ok.

Is the C- connected to the correct spot?

It looks like it is connected to the P- according to the diagram but I can’t see clearly due to the shrink wrap.

Thanks. It’s connected to c-. Indeed it looks like p- but it actually bends back to c- since it was soldered that way pointing towards the other side. The bms was oriented differently before which made more sense for it to leave in that direction.

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What app does people use together with the unity, in order to get telemetri, like we have with the Metr app eg.

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Ackmaniac app. It’s extremely good, functionality absolutely needs to be ported to the unity app which IMO is very average.

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We are aware of the issues/shortcomings with the app and are working hard on upgrades :slight_smile:


Hey random question for you! The third group of of unities are expected to ship end of April or early May right?

I’ve been pretty head down focused on software stuff/ life stuff lately and haven’t checked in on production. You can ask support for our current best estimate and I’ll try and give an accurate estimate the next time I get info.

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“Xmatic”. Should work with the bluetooth module that’s already installed in the unity :slight_smile:

If you want a battery display with plug and play for Unity you can order them here:

They are easy to install thanks to round design so its just to drill a hole in the enclosure. Its easy to set the max / low voltage by a button and it shows both % and volt.

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Is there a button to hide and show the display or is it just always on?