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Apologies mate! I was setting the things up for my Gsuite and didn’t realized that emails are on CC not BCC. I hope you guys can spare me this time :stuck_out_tongue:


Its fine to make and sell your own ESC based on the VESC or UNITY/FOCBOX so long as :

  • You also release any files you make that are derived from the vesc source files with the same opensource licence.
  • You dont use the name “VESC” as this is a trademark that Vedder holds the right use. You can call it watever you like and say that its derived from the VESC but you cant call it a VESC.
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Unity is not vesc based right?

It is VESC based.

This is the source code for the FOCBOX Unity. The FOCBOX unity is a dual brushless motor controller that offers independent control of two motors from a centralized MCU. This code is based on the Vesc® Open Source Project:

You can see it here:

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Most info about replicating/using/improving the project can be found here

According to VESC ETHOS “For this reason the code of VESC-Tool and the VESC firmware are published under the GPL V3.”

for more reading on the GPL V3 i recomnd checking the Wikipedia article

This might be difficult because although the Vesc software, firmware and schematics are available they haven’t released the hardware designs. This is specifically to stop exact copies and encourage people designing their own to do there own hardware designs.


Ouch :frowning:

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Oofie :((

How did you blow it up?

No idea just started acting weird while riding the board. I stopped and the left motor made weird noise. I replaced the motor the same noise happened so I ran a fault check on terminal and found this code :frowning:

Who fixes Unities?


That really sucks :frowning:

Dont you have a METR? Maybe that can help

I know @JohnnyMeduse said he would be, but another resource to check would be with @ThermalM16

FWIW, I think the discussion of forking the unity belongs on its own thread.:man_shrugging:t2:

Guys so to get it right, which is the best ESC on the market for my e-board? Focbox Unity, or would be 2 Trampa VESCS be more reliable or maybe the Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6?

Who can definitely tell me which one will be the most reliable and the one I will not have to replace or care after for many years to come?

I own both. And my trampa vesc 6+ is the most rock solid vesc I ever had.

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should be an easy fix. Dont have to be the drv!:slight_smile:

Hi @CarlCollins

This still valid? image

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Im about to buy the unity, is it really going to ship after June 30th? or do I have to wait as some ppl say?

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Well I ordered mine on March 14th… And I am still waiting. So I hope at least mine ships on June 30th.

But be careful when Enertion says “ships after June 30th”… because this only means anytime after that - not shortly after that



Can you please confirm the date when you receive the email?

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