Weird since:

Exported goods are GST-free if they are exported from Australia within 60 days of the first of the following two events:

the supplier receives any payment for the goods
the supplier issues an invoice for the goods.

If the goods are paid for by instalments, the payment or invoice referred to is for the final instalment.

Exports and GST

Did you put your address in?

GST is for australia only… if you don’t live here you don’t pay it…

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AH it dosen’t refresh until you get to the next section, gotcha man thanks

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Is there a Paypal option I’m not seeing?

we don’t offer paypal, maybe try the group buy thread here:

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I’d just be interested in buying straight from enertion. Why is the shipping 32 Euro?

Edit: while your here just wanna say thanks for making great products and content, I started Esk8 coz of your Videos!


There goes my money.


Gathering interest for an EU group buy here

The shipping looks insane, just waiting on someone to confirm this before I order one too

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Had a chat with Mike over at Enertion. Shipping costs are confirmed. AUD$51 for EU :open_mouth:

“Shipping by weight” they say ha-ha, but maybe the FOCBOX Unity is really heavy? :slight_smile: Shipping for wheels is AUD$39.

Covering lower pre-order price by increasing shipping costs?

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All I got when I asked an hour or so ago was he would check with the team.

€510 shipping to EU for 21 units. Why not just come out and be honest with the price instead of always trying to pass it off as shipping every sale.


Yeah I just test shipping to china for shits and giggles but it looks like its about the same compared to shipping to the EU and the US

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It does not cost $350 to ship 21 of these little guys…


This may be a silly question to some, but does the UNITY support a SINGLE motor configuration? My previous VESC fried, and I am considering a dual motor upgrade in the future. I was planning on getting the FOCBOX, but UNITY would be a cheaper option to future-proof that upgrade. Since the UNITY is designed to handle dual motors, perhaps it could handle just one motor even better?

Pffff hahaha 510€ for 21 units to europe? 355$ to usa… Yeah right…

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you mean as in can it work while you wait for another motor or if one motor fails can it run the one working one?

The bigger question is can you wait until delivery in September It’ll probably come in March/June



  • Shipping price is an issue.
  • Would Buy regardless of shipping price.
  • Eh Neutral like the swiss

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Thank you, you answered a question of mine of whether or not polls reset upon adding another option.