Focbox Unity Sensor Connection Order

When connecting the 6 pin sensor cable from the motor to the unity, is there a specific order that everything needs to go in? I know the cables from the motor have to be in a specific order, just need to know if they need to be in a specific order as far as plugging it into the unity goes too.

E: I was wrong, read what @ Lee said below

I just know that ground, etc need to be correct but that’s good to know. 5 sensor cables to a 6 pin adapter (racerstar motors) should be fine though?

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I was incorrect, below @ Lee has the right information :+1:

image The positions of GND, TMP and 5V are fixed. There is no problem if H1, H2 and H3 are replaced.

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So with my motors having 5 cables one of the H points being left empty should be fine?

If there are 5 cables, the space is TMP.

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TMP? Sorry, totally new to anything DIY/technical within esk8

In case of 5 cables, it is a pattern without TEMP. GND,H3,H2,H1,5V.

Oh okay, awesome. Thanks so much, haven’t had a working board for 3 months and this is the last thing to do to get it running now so appreciate your help immensely.


I thought @Deodand did write something up in the unity SW so that the order not really matter anymore? Or was it just a protection if somebody switch the 5V and ground Pin?

It is an answer according to this content.

Found this from the man himself

Seems like even the unity need to get 5V and ground in the right order. Thought I read something else somewhere…