Focbox Unity shuts down after seconds!

Hey guys, I really tried all I could and had to ask the community for help. today my focbox unity started acting weird. When I turn it on, it turns back off after a couple of seconds. Tried multiple switches, different battery, still the same. It also won’t connect to a computer through cable nor Bluetooth (not even on phone). Please Help.

Did you try powering it up with only the switch and power connected? Nothing else connected like remote and motors and sensor wires. Try that.

Yes, I have tried that as you can see in the video. Still nothing

Me bad. I didn’t watch the video. I had the same problem my 5 volt output was grounding out kicking it off. One of my pins was bent over on my receiver. But since you have nothing hooked up. I would peel back the silicon cover and do an inspection to see if anything might look out of place like a solder ball or a strand of wire to cause a short. Or something that doesn’t look right.

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Okay, I’ll try that! Thanks