FOCBOX Unity still a long-term choice for VESC


for a couple of days seems to be under maintenance, Do this company is going into bankrupt? and do you think it is a good choice for maintenance, firmware upgrade, etc. to go with focbox unity or better options exist?Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran_2020-02-24_20-07-44

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Yes tons of other better options

Please join the forum where most these members have migrated to

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There should still be support for the unity though because the engineers are still operating out on their own and still stand by their product.


Thanks, So am I right to think that firmware won’t continue upgrade path. In another way is 23.46 the ultimate one?

I get the feeling that the unity may well be accommodated further down the line with the main vesc tool. Jeff who designed the unity has been hanging out with Ben Vedder so things could be afoot.