FOCBOX VESC won't start up and 5V is outputting 2.3V


A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the 5V output of my FOCBOX was only outputting 2.3V. This was after the metal casing of a battery capacity meter came in contact with the metal backing of my VESC, shorting. However, the VESC continued to work fine apart from the 5V output. It also seemed to be heating up slightly more than my other VESC.

Today the VESC wouldn’t start up at all. No LEDs were visible but the 5V output was still giving 2.3V. (3.3V output gives 0V) The case also heats up a little while plugged in. I opened the case to see if I could see any problems but nothing was apparent to me. Pictures are attached below. Any help is appreciated. DSC_2123 DSC_2120 DSC_2121 DSC_2122