Focbox vs VESC which is better

Hey guys so I’m coming around to building version 3 of my board and I am going the dual motor route. I have used the VESC for my last 2 version and was wondering if the Focbox is better than the vesc. I’ve got some money saved and this is the last part I need to order. I’m gonna be running the esc with a 10s6p battery and 2 6355 180kv motor. Thanks for the input

what did your last build pull on average?

What do you mean pull?

amps, so you have a rough estimate. when you go dual it will go down sure, but if you are heavy,hot climate and hilly area you can run easily into heat issues with normal 4.12 vesc.

Max 40 amps

not your max, what did the vesc say you pull on average riding in real life.

I don’t know where to find that. My current vesc isnt operable. That’s partly why I’m upgrading again. My current vesc got damaged in transport through a carrier on my fully built board

well focbox without a doubt bette, it can handle the heat better hence more continuous amps than the regular vesc

Not only the increase in amps, but also far more reliable as it uses upgraded directFets :grinning:

Just incase you didn’t know, a FOCBOX is a VESC.

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I do know that I’m trying to see which is better

That’s not possible to answer since a FOCBOX is a VESC (in other words just a VESC can’t be better than just a VESC).

However there are so many different VESC’s!! The 4.12 ranging from $70 to $150 (including the FOCBOX), there are also VESC 6 which range from $150 to $300…

You can find a cheaper VESC that will serve you for years if used right. And you can buy the most expensive high quality VESC and fry it the first day.

FOCBOX is currently the mainstrean ESC if that answers your question.

Check out the Flipsky VESC 6, it’s price is close to one of FOXBOX, and seems to be of good quality (more or less) so far.

What about the newer ESCapes? They have a dual option as well which is what im eyeing

which one’s better? Bottled water or Perrier?


Check out the Flipsky VESC 6,

How does it compare to focbox? I’m super new to all this, and the specs are honestly just numbers to me. I’m cool with spending a bit more on a more reliable quality part.

*lol but then again a bought one of those cnc focbox heatsink case

i bet the flipsky 6 is better. i dont know what parts need to be upgraded to stop breaking but im looking too. a big heatsink that allows you to do many more amps is wasted when a chip blows up from something seemingly unrelated to high current

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But no warranty.

i dont trust the focbox warranty, if they even claim to have one. know them too well. i think the flipsky has a warranty. maybe one more real than others. less fine print that says if you touch it or plug it in yourself it’s void. but the escs deigned and sold by members here are maybe the best


I heard car ESC are all the rage.