FOCBOX | Winboard ESC with Boosted Style Remote for SALE

Hey guys,

I have a few spare parts I no longer need:


Winboard ESC with Boosted style remote and on/off switch €60 (bought from APS for 100GBP)

FOCBOX’s x 1 left €130

Evolve Baseplates with Riptide pivot cups x 2 €50

6354 motors with 8mm shaft x 2 SOLD

Dual FOCBOX heatsink for Evolve GT case SOLD

Original FOCBOX case 1 left for free

Let me know if you need anything.

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Interested in the motors, send a pm. :slight_smile:

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FOCBOX and WINBOARD ESC with Boosted Style Remote left

Shipping to UK?

Sure) PM me your address and I’ll let you know the price.

Hi! Do you still got the winboard esc?

Hey! You were literally a couple of minutes late, sorry!

@mmaner can you delete the thread, please)