FOCBOXes available in the EU (New Design FOCBOX)

I have FOCBOXes available in the EU so you can avoid the import costs, delays, extra charges etc. etc.

The FOCBOXes are the latest design and are brand spanking new.

£122 + VAT

Worldwide shipping is available…

Get your FOCBOXes here


Do they look like this? Or like on your site?

(Picture taken from “No words only pictures” thread…) Thanks!


They are the new black ones with the receiver cable/socket soldered to the FOCBOX just like in the photo you posted @fraannk . Man that is a very neat build in that photo

I haven’t had a chance to update the images on the website - must do that, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Isn’t that the Raptor 2? I would hope it to be neatly built :slight_smile:


Hey! You’re in my living room! These are from my R2! lol. I have a few of the very first versions (VESC-X’s) and now these newer ones in my R2. Here’s an older pic of the 1st version Vesc-X in my DIY board for comparison.

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oh yeah. so it is! I was too busy staring at the placement of the electronics and the wiring to notice the deck.

I had the chance to try an R2 a few weeks ago, very impressive…

Nice. The new design is awesome

Yes it is!

Looking even slicker than before and the new soldered RX plug is a great touch.