FocBoxes for EU - 115 euros each shipped w/ tracking 26/30

OnlY four FOCBox remain and I may keep for myself -115 euros a piece, shipping included. 2 or more add 5 euros

These are extras from my final group buy. Let me know.

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How many have tou got?

3 focbox And 0 nano x

Would you ship to ireland Also I sent Pm

You probably should have made sure that they are available first before sending him money on PayPal. That just makes his life 10x harder sending you a refund if he dosnt have any left. . .


No We agreed 115 with shipping,

What makes you think he has none left?

I don’t know if @monkey32 wants his PayPal adress on a public forum.

Fun fact of the day!

It’s not at all ok to post emails or private messages without consent from the author. On other forums it will get you a vacation i.e. your account suspended.

That is all.

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Thanks for that… @Blitz kindly remove…

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Fun Fact i saw him post the same email on a thred, But OK,

Sure, sorry about that

Any left i forgott about this?

Any left? Need one

Sold out gents