Fogstar UK 15% off - 40 cells £108

Just a notice

Its about £20 cheaper if you are buying 40 cells in comparison to


Are these guys a trusted source for genuine cells?

They are legit

Just saw on the social media that they do 20% of like once a month.

Thats like £106 for 10S4P


How can these be legit resellers when in their specs it says max. cont. disc. at 20A when the datasheet for 30Q clearly says max 15A? I know that they CAN do 20A but still.

I don’t know - but look at the reviews.

agree company looks legit , has anyone experience of ordering form them?

I’ve ordered batteries and chargers for vaping. No problems.


I emailed them and they say that they based their results on what they found and what Mooch says

They are aware that 15a is what Samsung says

Ordered 50 cells for a future project, thank you for posting this :slight_smile:

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They also sell 18650 insulators for a reasonable price too

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Got some of them as well, yeah.

Your estimated delivery date is Wednesday, 16 May 2018, as requested we will deliver your parcel between 06:00 and 22:00

That was fast. Should have the cells tomorrow I guess.

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Yeah I will hopefully order some too.

If I buy 33 Batteries it costs £3.05 after VAT

If I buy 100 it costs £2.87 after VAT


300 pounds for 13s8p 1128wh battery woah, That insane.

Yeah but truth is I only need/probably should get 10s3p

But the deal is too sweet

Got the cells today:


Damn thats fast. Was it packaged nicely?

Come on pay day! Why won’t you happen already!


Ends this Friday btw

Crap I just bought 100 Cells from Nkon >.< 2.81 each… all dem pizza monehs

Ah, good to know, thanks! Maybe if I get drunk on Friday I might pull the trigger and put it on the old credit card.