Folding Board Concept, Parts List Help

Edit UPDATE Current parts list:

^(don’t know if this is necessary)^ https:///collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller https:///collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-v2-pro-trucks https:///collections/longboard-wheels/products/83mm-epower-flywheels-clear-blue


  • is there anything I’m missing (e.g. connectors, BMS, fuses, anti spark thingy etc)?
  • is it possible to use 5 2s LiPO’s to make the battery slimmer, maybe Li-ion?
  • what components do I need to buy to make my own controller?
  • I’m trying to save space under the board so is there a possibility that I don’t need a BMS and I can just use a balance charger
  • is 10s1p enough?
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Welcome man!

Actually there are some successful builds around foldable Longboards decks, you might want to check the link above :v:

Look forward to see what you’re building !

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I was picturing something along the lines of the Linky, folded to 400mmx280mmx120mm linky-4


Board up is a really strong starting point to work with. I have a deck and been trying to find time to electricfy it with a set of direct drive from metasurf but their concept is stronger then linky IMO. The deck maintains its flex and def still feels like a longboard. image


Been reactivating my project…

Also Im interested in your design as well. My project was built to deal with steep hills, but I moved out before the project was ever finished… so its a bit op right now.

If you don’t mind the “bulge” dual 6374 will be your best choice


my main constraints for this build is high torque, small size when folded and great aesthetics. Board Up looks pretty sick but its way too big. also would you guys recommend hub motors for a fold up board, I know they don’t produce nearly as much torque but most fold up boards I’ve seen have hub motors.

hub would definitely save you some room for folding mechanism and electrical components.

It depends on which hub motors. Direct drive will be too wide for your application since you would want the wheels be under the board I suppose. There’s only Raptor 2 hubs and hummies V4 left if you want high torque hubs.

Nah there’s also MAD hubs and Diyeboard (replaceable PU) hubs !

Hummie and Raptor 2 hubs sure are torquier but for his goal a dual Diyeboard is plenty enough (only 30-35km/h top).

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Yeah I agree, I’d buy them from meepo or wowgo/ownboard diyeboard is a little shady


If I were to use a regular belt driven motor. What would be a good choice to maximize torque without sacrificing high top speed. Maybe dual motors?

Any 63mm around 190kv for 10s. The larger the length the more powerful though

While pat.speed is right, you might want more torque, in which case you can change the motor kv to around 170 or 180 to gain more torque than before without too much loss of top speed

going lower than that is going to slow you down more than you’d like

So think I’m gonna go belt driven, still haven’t decided if should do dual motors for extra torque. If so what are the best dual motor configurations you guys can recommend

I’ve been trying to upload photos of my 3d model but it keeps saying “No space left on device @ io_write”

Other than cost aversion, I don’t see why anyone would not want to build a dual. There have been many times people have proven the the power consumption of a properly tensioned and setup dual belt is only slightly higher than the power consumption of a single.

Singles struggle on hills, and have you ever turned and lost traction of your drive wheel at full speed?? Not fun.

A dual would be perfect in my mind. But if you want to in go single now, maybe you should upgrade your enclosure and get it read for the second vesc… as well as make sure your trucks will be ready to just slap the second motor and mount to it when you’re ready

what do you guys think, the “crank” part has a 5mm overlap. I’ll probably use machined aluminium Imgur Imgur

I am nowhere near qualified enough to give you an answer, sorry :slight_smile:

Ronnie just posted a video showing off his Mellow on the BoardUp folding deck. Start at 2:30

I really want to get a mellow just for the convenience when travelling, I’d just take the drive and then buy a deck in the new area to save room. Then I’d have a cool ass board collection from all over the world

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