Foosted|Vanguard|VESC 4.12|10S2P|6355 170KV|Metr Pro

After having done my first build with a stiff deck, I wanted to change it out for a more flexible deck. I first thought I would benefit from a stiff deck which is stable at high speeds, but it turns out I enjoy the comfort more and I usually cruise around at lower speeds.

I like to looks of the boosted board, which also is famous for its riding feel. Therefore the build is heavily inspired by it.

So I am going to be using some parts from my old build, such as the drivetrain, trucks, wheels and ESC. However since I am going to get a flexier deck, new enclosures and a new battery is needed. Enclosures will be bought from @Eboosted and I will build the battery myself, which also is my first time building one.

Parts list:

Deck: Loaded vanguard, a real classic. I think it will suit my riding style very well.

Trucks: Caliber II

Motor: Single 6355 170kv, This gives enough power for me and so far I have not have had any real traction issues when it comes to single drive.

Wheels: Otang kegels. Really nice wheels, matches well with the loaded vanguard to give it the “boosted” look.

ESC: Maytech VESC 4.12 . Pretty solid ESC that has given me no trouble so far

Enclosures: The beautiful enclosures made by @Eboosted. I chose the ones which fits a 10s4p pack

Battery: Made by myself in a 10s2p double stacked config, using samsung 25R cells. A 10s2p pack gives me enough power and range.

Bluetooth Module: Metr Pro. Seems to be a solid module that has a nice app for iOS and a simple setup process.

Will update this thread as more parts come in :slight_smile:

When it comes to the battery, I was thinking I will set it up as seen on this pic which I think is made by @thisguyhere . However I will set it up as two 5S2P instead of 5S4P. I will use cell spacers and H-shaped nickel with a thickness of 0.15mm. Which will look something like this:

I am unsure of how I should connect the two 5S2P parts though. My intial thought would be to use a 12AWG silicone wire or connect them together with an adapter such as this one:


My other two concerns is how I should insulate between the two stacks and the balance wires that goes between the two packs getting squished.

For the insulation will a sheet of fish paper between them, as shown here work?


For the balance wires, I have seen others weld a small nickel strip on the positive side of the P-group that thens goes on top of the pack. So the balance wire does not have to be between the stacks.


Picture taken from instagram:

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