Foot Cramping Up - Stance Issue?

Hey guys, I don’t think I’m standing right, or maybe I’m just not relaxing enough but I find both my feet tend to ache after a while, it’s like they’re constantly tensed…

Am I standing wrong or do I just need to relax more?

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Relaxing is key.

Other factors include deck shape/concave. -Are you riding a flat deck?

Wheel Size and Durometer

And shoes. Find cushy skate shoes with good arch support.

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I’ve had the same thing happen to me too. i get a bit of numbness to though. I have big feet that overhang the board a bit. Wearing some shit vans too with little support. Even when I wear my lakais the numbness and aches will come. I just move my feet around a bit to get it to subside. I feel like the harder I am riding or the more active I am on the board the less problems I have. Cutting off the circulation maybe?

97mm flywheels and or TB’s 83mm clones it happens with either.

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110mm scooter wheels (25mm wide). The deck has a slight flick up to either side as there’s a very shallow bow to it in an upwardly direction of course…

After I posted this I made a conscious decision to force myself to relax more and low and behold the pain subsided… But it came back. I think it’s when I get a bit unsteady or come to take a corner, I tense up and then don’t un tense! Lol…

I wear vans or some real flat soled sneakers (yes I’m English but I said that for our American friends :slight_smile: ), perhaps I need to get better shoes!?

I think it’s just down to relaxing…


It should be even easier to avoid cramping with pneumatics given the softer ride (unless the scooter wheels aren’t pneumatic?). Just keep your weight slightly more forward, and find a good balance between relaxed and stable.

Go to the market and just get some insoles for your shoes. cheap fix and it will help


No they’re 75A PU…

I forgot to mention this. Don’t just plant your feet and stand in one spot. You need to move around while you ride. Glad @i2oadsweepei2 is paying attention!


The more you ride the comfortable you will be on the board and the more relaxed you will be, when I first started my back leg would get all soar. Now I only have soar feet but that’s cause my deck is carbon so all the vibrations transfer to my feet. But I’ve been able to survive 16 miles rides with little to no fatigue with super smooth bike lanes.