Footstops + Introduction/update!

IMG_20190110_1436542 Hey guys! I wanted to come on and show off our new Isosceles Footstop which is a new variation available on our my website! I was excited at the positive response with my original design and after some feedback, felt that making another design available would make it more accessible to different types of riding.


The Isosceles follows some simple design guidelines from the original, such as stepped ledges and a concaved foothold. However The Isosceles also has two sides that are slightly convexed, giving the rider plenty of options for locking themselves in!

One of our most notable features is the screw slot that runs through the top. This allows for a wider range of angles and the ability to further offest the Footstop to fit your particular setup.

I’d love some feedback! Feel free to message me in private if you have any questions, and you can find more of my content on my website. Thanks!

  • Shawn

Any plans on releasing the stl’s? :slight_smile:


Eventually, but this is currently a product that supplements and smooths out the production of boards and other design work that we put out - Everything from board graphics to keeping the lights on! So I’m definitely looking to get a little more established first. :grimacing:

Dude, your DDoS protection crap on your site is buggy, I can’t access your site for no reason. I use a standard Firefox with uBlock and Ghostery. Why d you need DDoS protection anyway? :thinking:

EDIT: And now it works, even though I didn’t change anything. Oh well… :sweat_smile:

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