For all the noobs that ask about using a drill

I guess you can use dads drill for an Eboard… who knew


I saw that last night.

I mean, cool, but nah. Wouldn’t even do it for fun.

agreed! the video is sped up and hes still going slow as all hell

Wouldn’t a push board be faster and more fun?

Till your dad asked why isn’t the drill charged? or even better …Who broke the drill?

Cute DIY idea… @Karmannghiagirl posted it somewhere I think … It’s eh… Good for father son/daughter protect … But like all things it will evolve into a real e-board…which is a good thing

I have to give this guy some credit. He is ahead of the game except at the cost of proper trucks XD

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I just found that video earlier.

Then I saw this one in the related:

I gotta give more props to the kid.