For making my battery, can I use this conductive glue for gluing nickel strips instead of a spot welder?

Hi, I’m making an 10s2p Samsung 21700 40T battery. I’m essentially making my own Meepo ER battery. Unfortunately I don’t have a spot welder, and I don’t want to damage the cells with a soldering iron. Can I use this conductive glue instead?

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If I can’t, can I just tape the contacts tightly with heat resistant tape and heat shrink it to hold them together?

Also, do you have any other tips or advice? Warnings?

Just get ready for a fire? :fire:🤷

I wouldn’t do this. The batteries are under crazy forces in the enclosure, and poorly welded packs (ones which would probably have greater connecting strength than your glue) have shown themselves as a danger to esk8ers.

Be safe, and go with what works. An alternative method would be NESE modules or another style of them (if you’re really against spot welding)

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The glue is too high resistance for high current and will get very hot and then who knows. Maybe magnets or there’s some other methods with success on endless sphere

You could just get battery cases and solder to the battery cases then tape them in. I would be a much safer and sturdier hold that the glue

This would work i swear i remember someone building a battery pack with this but its stupid expensive.

I think it was almost the same cost in epoxy as it was batteries for the guy i remember doing it. Couldn’t find the thread tho supposedly it works fine, but he said he’d never do it again cause it was a pain in the ass.

0.001 ohms per cm of resistivity is manageable in this kind of application.

Still not worth it IMO and I wouldn’t recommend this way to anyone.

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I’m remembering someone on endless sphere doing it successfully. He was gluing multistrand to cells. So maybe would work fine as long as you get good connections

Read up about problems with internal resistance I’m the 40T’s. You don’t want to add more.

Thanks for your input! I’ll keep this in mind; I don’t feel like burning my house down…

I have a 3D printer, so maybe I can design some modules

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Imo, there will be 3 problems; 1) mechanical connection strenght (think about vibrations during ride) 2) electrical contact resistance 3)fast ageing of the material… But, why not to try it on a small pack… Since the head of the battery is smooth, better to sand it a bit to increase mechanical bonding strenght of the surface

There’s only one way to find out.

Vibrations will get it loose over time, prepare for shorts and fire. What works on a dual suspension bike is not supposed to work on a skateboard.

Although I’ve had a lot harder time removing epoxy than spot welds. Maybe back it up with tape holding