For sale 10s bestec bms li-ion uk/eu preferred (NOW SOLD)

I have a 10s bms for sale never used with switch and all that good stuff if anyone’s intrested will put up pic with specs

What’s your asking price?

£50.00 +postage in pounds sterling.

80A discharge? I can’t read the specs. Pleas upload a large pic. I would take it if so!

Yer 80a discharge will get a bigger pic sorry every time I try get bigger pic it’s fuzzy if u view it on a laptop or try downloading the image and zoom but any way it’s 80a discharge 20a max charge 10s li-ion with switch built in pm me if u want it will send u my paypal. R u uk/eu

Still for sale

Please upload a better pic. I can’t read it or zoom on it.

Hope this works

is this used or new?

New never used