FOR SALE - 2 Nano Remotes $45 Europe

2 Brand new nano remotes left over from my group buy

I want one please

Which country?

Spain. It’s a really nice country

$49 inc shipping can ship tommorow

Please can you make a receipt for paypal? I need to pay by debit card

Im not sure how to do that, cant you send via friends and family

I think I can ask around. What about bitcoin? Do you accept bitcoin?

Yeah aha :slight_smile:


haha sick

I’ll transfer 0.0806 Bitcoin to your wallet now

Btw, where do you ship from?

United Kingdom

Received Payment!


Should I send you my addy in a PM?

Yeah and i will send tommorow

Did you get it? I can’t see my sent message anywhere :confused:

yep saw the message and printed the label

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Are these the new enertion remotes. I’m interested if so. Plus I’m in UK as well :).

These arent the enertion remotes

@ajaynagra Still got one left?

Yeah I do :wink: