[For Sale] 2019 Trampa enclosed belt drive

Hello all, Selling my trampa belt drive, used it hard for a few months and then decided I wanted to try out their belt drive…so I bought one of their helical kits and now have this one begging to be used. I do admit I miss the quiet and smooth power transfer of the belts compared to a gear drive…in the end it came down to me just wanting to change things up…Lets face it, its an addiction :slight_smile:

I am only willing to let everything go as a set

Whats included: 2019 Trampa Belt drive 2x New Extra HTD belts(2 used ones as well) New Bolts for truck attachment and enclosure

Everything is ready to bolt onto your Trampa Vertigo or infinity hanger with ease…there are no directions online, but its pretty easy…you can message me if you have issues with anything :slight_smile:

Price:$600 OBO(its $800 retail not to mention shipping from UK), FREE SHIPPING IF YOUR IN THE US image image image image image image image image ![image|433x500]


What kv motors

Had I found this sooner I’d probably have bought it off ya! If it’s still around in the next week or two I’ll prob get the setup :heart_eyes:


154kv…they have amazing torque and I didnt have the guts to take them up to full throttle…good motors


Dropping the price to $400…any takers?

It is sold.