For Sale: 3D Servisas 1:5 Inner Gear Drive for MTB Trampa Hanger

Selling slightly used inner gear drive from 3dservisas, packaged and ready to go. Need some funds for my other builds so this will have to go.

150 usd with shipping

Compatible with trampa trucks.

There’s some scratching on the motor gear, but it doesn’t affect performance.

20181122_134312 20181122_134229 20181122_134216 20181122_134154 20181122_134256 20181122_111251


How much would shipping be to Germany?

I’ll do 160 usd total for international

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Is this still available?



what do you mean order 10 units or more??

oh cause replying here on the forums requires you to write out at least 10 characters. 10char is just filler so short replies like “yup” can be made.

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oh ok didnt know lol

Is this still for sale?