FOR SALE: 6" wheel dual motor off-road kit from diyeboard (Canada)

I bought this kit towards the end of last summer and only wound up going on about four rides. Everything is in excellent condition.

I quickly fell in love with how smooth the tires feel, but I’m 6’7" tall, and I think with my weight, there was too much rolling resistance for my taste. I think I’m going to go pneumatic. Haven’t quite decided yet.

I no longer see the standalone kit for sale on diyeboard, but it’s the same wheels/motors/trucks as you see on their pre-built board here:

I bought the wheel/motor/mounts/pulley etc kit for $288USD and the ESC/remote for $79USD (not including shipping).

Was hoping to to get $200USD + shipping for everything.



What’s shipping to US? And which motors is it using?

To the US, looks like it would be roughly $40. It’s a hefty kit, and shipping between our borders is always way more expensive than it should be.

According to their site, the motors are custom 5065 1500W outrunner motors.

Oh, thanks! Must be those ones then.

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Any idea the cost of postal in Ireland?

You don’t wanna know. Through Canada Post it’s over $100USD. I haven’t checked DHL or anything, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be much cheaper.

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why don’t you just change the solid wheels to pneumatics? 6x2 from AliExpress fits those rims perfectly. You can buy four tires and tubes for around $40 USD if I remember correctly. These are the same wheel used with sixshooters


See, I was thinking that at first, but I already bought two 6354 motors and a dual flipsky for this purpose. Being a bigger guy, I thought the beefier motors and better ESC would make performance/range better for someone of my size. I could be wrong though… maybe these stock motors combined with pneumatics and the flipsky would still work pretty good?