FOR SALE: 6S3P pack with 60A BMS & 2A charger, Sensored Alien 5065 270kv Motor

Hey guys,

Going to make big upgrades to my board this winter in time for summer and am therefore left with most components of my current board.

6S3P pack + BMS & Charger Spot welded Samsung 25R 2500mAh cells from nkon. Total of 7500mAh barely used and always kept at storage voltage + lowest discharge of 3.4V per cell. 60A BMS from batterysupports already attached. Battery pack was roughly 65 euros BMS & charger + shipping was 108 euros Would like to sell pack + BMS & charger for 120 euros

Alien Sensored 5065 270kv Also have one Sensored Alien 5065S 270kv. Bought for 81 euros and used for roughly a year. Never ridden in wet conditions and I’ve cleaned it a couple times from the inside. Must note that I have swapped two sensor leads in the past to make sensored mode work with an old ESC, and haven’t switched them back yet. This still needs to be done Would like to sell for 50 euros Can include used 15t 12mm motor pulley with 3mm keyway (not in image), or new 15t 15mm pulley with 2 tightening screws (in image)

For everything together we can make a deal Could even sell the wooden box I made for these components for easier installation

6S3P Pack (BMS covered with foam for protection)


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Hi, can you tell me the dimensions of the battery pack please?

18cm x 14.5cm roughly Those dimensions should allow pack to sit comfortably without being restricted

Thanks - think this is not going to be powerful enough for what I need. Appreciate the prompt response!

@Tijmen is it still for sale?? I maybe interested in the battery pack

It is still for sale yes! I just don’t have a battery screen for it right now, but I can order a new one if you want. I am located in Holland. Shipping can be difficult if you’re far away from that

@Tijmen I live in Denmark, so i think shipping is not a big problem