For Sale: AT board with Fatboy gear drive (lowered price)

Hi guys, it’s time to sell the next board (still dogs and brewing beer that takes priority). Bought in the summer of 2018, used 10-20 times since then. Loaded theoretical max speed 63.8km/h, I have never gone faster than 45 km/h. Estimated range 48.2km, never driven more than 30km in one go myself and it had about 25% battery left. Everything is in good condition.

54256704_10157358860043982_5136012640920797184_n 55752403_10157358860058982_4002632159473958912_n IMG_20190324_133258 Specs:

  • Deck: Earthwing supermodel dropped 40”
  • Battery enclosure: Bigben fiberglass enclosure.
  • Trucks: Torqueboards 218mm.
  • Drive train: Fatboy mini drive train 1:3.
  • Hubs: Fatboy.
  • Tires: Trampa Street Treads
  • Motor: 2x 6374-190 kV sensored motor running unsensored bldc.
  • Battery pack: 10s5p (Sony vtc 6 cells)
  • 2x 1.2 VESC 4.12.
  • Remote:
  • 1x Quick charger
  • 1x Vedder Antispark
  • 1x bluetooth module

Interested? Give me an offer, I was thinking around 1800 euro, negotiable ofc.

The board is located in Sweden and I can arrange shipping which will be added to the price (or feel free to drop by and pick it up).


Hate to be " that guy" but for sale items need to have a price


Nice build!


Thanks for being “that guy” though. Forgot about the asking price. It’s listed now, was thinking 1300 euro, negotiable ofc.

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