FOR SALE (Australia only $AUD): Meepo Board V1 & CarvOn Speed Drive v4

Hey guys,

Regretful sale, particularly on the Speed Drive, but I don’t have the resources or money to build my own esk8 anymore - and when I weigh it up, the production boards are looking really good these days.

So with the Speed Drive, I was lucky enough to be involved in the limited run group buy from back in October. Got in right at the end, had the money and got on board. They arrived a couple of weeks ago and look excellent, but as above, my resources are no longer.

The Meepo is still in fantastic condition, barely used. Comes with two remotes and charger (obviously). Surprisingly good quality this thing.

Speed Drive - $900 + postage. non negotiable.

Meepo - make an offer, willing to keep if no offers worth my while come through. Not sure what postage will cost for this one, so will most likely be a pick up only sort of thing. I can always meet half way if you’re a couple hours away.

Thanks guys, Ricky

900… woah. what are you missing for your build?

Where did u pull 900 from? Is this one single set?

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It’s probably 900 Australian, or you know, capitalism.

900 pesos?

Hey mate, keen on the Speed Drive although 900$ a fair bit outta my reach, I’m in Melbourne and have a literal shit load of esk8 parts. let me know if you decide to give it another go.

Hey man is it the xl? I’m on the sunshine coast qld

I don’t think any SpeedDrive XL have shipped yet; I am assuming this is a SpeedDrive R

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Man seriously build it! I’d love to grab that carvon off you but they are expensive, not yours per se but in general. For a builder though they are great hubs. Sell a child, sell the wife but build it my friend just build it. :wink:

I’m in Au, when I looked at joining the group buy for a set of xl’s with a couple >hundred dollars freight it was going to cost me over $1k AuD… with conversion and freight his price is prob. on the money.


I was gonna say this and I’m not even Aus

I also edited your title, so others also realize it is in AUD not USD. Good luck with sale.

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Same price is good.